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Sandy Singh


Sandy Singh is a 12-year Real Estate industry veteran and has a long record of successfully guiding her clients, not only with buying and selling homes, but through the lending process and the investment side as well.

An enthusiastic restorer and remodeler of classic homes, she prides herself on her commitment to being involved in every aspect of the process. She is particularly proud of the complete remodel of a 1918 flip home she restored in the Oak Park area of Sacramento. From the permitting straight through to construction, Sandy was there to make sure the job was done – and done right.

Before she became interested in Real Estate, Sandy worked in the automotive industry and owned and operated her own auto parts store in the Sacramento area. She has carried her strong belief in customer service with her from the automotive business to Real Estate and puts a great deal of effort into the sale of every home she sells. Whether you're buying your first home or are an experienced investor, Sandy will be with you every step of the way.

In her spare time, Sandy enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. Some of her favorite activities include camping and riding quads in the Nevada desert and camping by the ocean at Half Moon Bay, California. Sandy can be reached on her direct phone by calling or texting 916-912-6416 or by email: sandy@stanleyrei.com